Once off Cleaning


Once Off Cleaning services Brisbane

Once-Off Cleaning Service

This is just a one-off spring clean. It's intense, thorough and makes your home completely pristine. The clean can take up to 6 hours depending on the size and condition of your home.

It's one payment for a fully professional clean which will make your home spotless while you're at work or doing other day-to-day activities.

The cost of a one-off clean varies on the location of your home, fill out our enquiry form to get the exact prices for your area.

  • 1.) Book your one-off cleaning online or on the phone with us
  • 2.) A cleaner will come to your place at a convenient time
  • 3.) They will clean up and handle your domestic chores
  • 4.) Enjoy your freshly cleaned home

Stains beware, for you'll vanish into thin air.
Transforming your property into a neat and tidy one can be done in four simple steps
  • Step 1.) book an appointment for a day and time that best suit your needs.
  • 2.) The experts will inspect your premises and get down to deep cleaning. In case the team thinks that time is insufficient, they will inform you on-site.
  • 3.) The spring cleaning team will use a custom-tailored checklist to meticulously refresh your property one room after another.
  • 4.) Once your one-off session ends, the specialists will ask for your feedback and will then depart, leaving you with a thoroughly refreshed property.

Extra services:For a small fee, the experts can also do professional oven clean, or upholstery cleaning and deep carpet cleaning.
What is Once Off?
ONCE OFF is exceptionally made for cleaning artistic, porcelain and quarry tiles that are hard to clean. A considerable lot of these kinds of tile have little openings or pores in the surface. Earth gathers in these gaps and gives the tiles a "dim" appearance. Where conventional cleansers are insufficient on such tiles, ONCE OFF is fantastic. Its intense cleaning and infiltrating activity draws the dirt out of these tiles. ONCE OFF may likewise be utilized to clean solid, bluestone, sandstone, earthenware and mud or solid pavers. It is perfect for use on floors in malls, toilets, shower rooms, kitchens and carparks.
ONCE OFF is intended for use with single brush rotational machines, despite the fact that it might likewise be utilized for wiping, cleaning and weight washing.