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The cleaning of spaces is an essential requirement: whether it is a home, a public building, an office, a warehouse or a shed, regular cleaning interventions are necessary. Both ordinary and extraordinary cleaning interventions are necessary, if you don’t know the difference click here. It is often thought that cleaning companies only intervene when dealing with companies and warehouses, in reality, many professional companies also intervene in domestic environments, especially when it comes to specific interventions or extraordinary cleaning. Why is it convenient to turn to experts? What are the benefits of professional cleaning? Let’s see them together.

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About Us

What We Do?

Time is a precious and limited resource. Most people complain they do not have enough time to do all the things they want in life, starting from spending enough quality time with their friends and family. So why not entrust your cleaning chores to us? You get to decide what kind of cleaning you need – from comprehensive cleaning of every room and every piece of furniture to specific cleaning of sofas, mattresses or windows; from regular cleaning to ad-hoc spring cleaning, from carpet repair Melbourne to repair the burn marks.

Our Mission?

To be a leading cleaning service provider that allows for the ultimate client experience before, during and after the service, at the most affordable price. Giving you all types of services like carpet cleaning, carpet repair in Sydney, mattress cleaning, upholstery cleaning etc.

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Our Objective?

To ensure that every client is 100% satisfied with the service and experience provided.

Western Cleaning Service’s is a leading cleaning service provider. Trusted by real estate agencies and commercial partners, we are a team of dedicated service staff that strives to provide the best cleaning service experience in the industry before, during and after the service is provided.

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