Even with careful use, the carpet is under heavy stress. In areas of high traffic, dents, cuts, burned areas may appear, the pile may be deformed. Detergents do not remove all stubborn stains.

Do not change the entire coating. We are fixing such problems. We provide carpet repair service. Cut out the damaged piece, put a new one in its place. If the covering is loose, not glued to the base, use thermal tape for fixing. If the cover is glued, glue a new piece in place of the damaged one.

It is important to understand that replacement is possible if a piece of the old coating remains, from which a fragment can be cut for replacement.

The new piece will be visually different from the main carpet. The longer the covering lies on the floor, the greater the traffic of the room, the more it will differ. But after a short time, the difference will disappear.

 Fair Price Breakdown

Carpet repair is considered to be cheaper than tile or hardwood repairs. Carpet repairs can range from $ 100to $ 800 with an estimated average cost of $ 200. This amount can vary significantly based on location, materials used on the carpet, repair to be performed and cost of the workforce of the professional, you intend to hire. The most common carpet repair activities are removing stains, repairing carpet patches, and repairing seams. A carpet stain can cost between $ 100 and $150 to remove depending on the size of the stain and the age of the carpet. Carpets that have holes in them can be repaired by a professional for a cost of between $ 200 and $ 300. New stitching is a very common problem with carpets. Solving the problem can cost from $ 200 to $ 300 for a maximum of 2 meters of the edge of the carpet to be mended.

Price Examples for Carpet Repair Service Price

Cost to repair carpets – Minimum price $100

Cost to repair carpets – Average price $150-$300

Cost to repair carpets – Maximum price $1,000

Information you should know to evaluate the average price to repair carpets

 More than just a decorative cover for your floors, rugs have many benefits. They are used as insulation to prevent meters from touching cold floors like tiles. This feature of the carpet makes it comfortable to sit on the floor. Rugs can also absorb noise, thus reducing the sound produced when walking. A rug can virtually enhance a space. Its colours and intricate design can bring life and beauty to a normal room. However, carpets are not eternal. Over time and with constant use, they get some damage which, if left unnoticed, can make a carpet unusable. That is why it is very important that when your carpet shows signs of wear, a professional should be brought in to do the carpet repair.

Find the Best Prices for Carpet Repairs

Regardless of how old it is or what damage your carpet has suffered, don’t be too hasty to dispose of it. Sometimes, it just needs a little carpet repair to bring back its former beauty. Get estimates from three reputable carpet repair contractors in your area and compare. Try to choose a repair company that can suit your budget and, at the same time, offer your carpet a quality service.

Note: Prices shown may vary based on limiting factors, not counted or specific needs.