Many consider carpets to be a reminder of the past and recall the Soviet times with irony. It’s an opportunity to look at this type of carpet from a new angle. We will tell you how to determine the optimal size of the carpet and share ideas for its location in the interior for carpet restretching.

Carpets must be properly positioned and secured so that they do not move when people walk. First, let’s figure out how to properly lay the carpet. The successful placement of the product will decorate the interior, and also help to keep the thing from premature wear.

Before placing the carpet, preparatory work is performed:

  1. Choose a room in which it will be spread. Wet areas are not suitable for carpets.
  2. Prepare the floor: it must be thoroughly washed and allowed to dry before fixing the carpet to the floor.
  3. Determine the direction of the carpet. Its texture will benefit if the pile looks at the door.
  4. In advance, special felt pads are fixed on the legs of the furniture to prevent strong pressure on the pile of the carpet and the formation of dents.

How to Fix the Carpet

It is not the carpets that slide, but the floor. Moreover, you can slip on any: wooden, laminate, linoleum or parquet. Many ways have been invented to fix the carpet. Possible options:

  • Silicone carpet underlays are available in stores. Will increase the life of the product, protect it from damage. The substrates are washable and are therefore reused.
  • Velcro – the outer part is attached to the floor, the fastener is adjusted to the carpet. Convenient when the carpet does not change its location.
  • Sometimes 4 rubberized rugs are glued to a large carpet from the backside along the edges.
  • Sometimes the carpet is simply nailed to the floor or laminate with small nails, but this is still a barbaric option.
  • The carpet is fixed on four sides with furniture. The consequences for the carpet can be severe.
  • A rubber band of a certain thickness on the back of the carpet will hold it securely. These tapes are sold in building materials stores.

How to Properly Position the Carpet

  • The location of the carpet can be considered successful if no one stumbles over it when walking.
  • From time to time, it is useful to move the carpet 180 degrees this way it will last longer.
  • For a dining room, a short pile rug is more suitable. Moreover, its dimensions should be such that you can move the chairs freely. 
  • Balanced is the arrangement of the carpet parallel to the wall. It can also be placed in the centre and surrounded by sofas and armchairs.
  • Diagonal or angled rugs add dynamism. A good option would be to position the table at the same angle.
  • Placing several carpets that do not match in style and colour in one room looks gaudy and tasteless. 

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