Your baby has coated plasticine on the carpet and you don’t know what to do. Tips for removing clay from the carpet will help you clean the carpet, even if the sticky substance has penetrated deep into its pile.


  1. Dealing with modeling clay, your child dropped a piece on the carpet, which then accidentally pushed into the pile? Do not rush to throw the carpet, you will help with some effective tips. First, in the winter, first remove the carpet itself and take it to the street or to the balcony, where, under the influence of frost, the sticky clay hardens and disintegrates. You will no longer be able to collect its remains, and then you will only have to remove the fatty tissue stains that remain from the clay from the carpet.
  2. Second, if you do not have the opportunity to bring carpet to the carpet, you can remove the clay from the carpet in a similar way; Then take ethyl alcohol, soak a cotton swab in it, and then thoroughly wipe the place on the carpet where the pieces of clay are stuck deep in the pile. As a rule, after that, pieces of soft plasticine are rolled into small lumps, and can be removed very efficiently by hand.
  3. Then clean the place of contamination with a household brush, which is abundantly moistened in the soap solution, but it is desirable to change this action several times, and then it is recommended to wipe the carpet. To clean the plasticine carpet, you can use a hot iron and a clean sheet of paper, put the paper on the plasticine, and then on top, put the heated iron for a few seconds. Instead of a sheet of paper, you can use a napkin or blotter from a school notebook, if it is very dirty, repeat the procedure several times, changing the napkins into which the melted clay is absorbed, but experts recommend that this cleaning method not be used on a long pile carpet.
  4. In most cases, even after carefully removing all the pieces of crushed clay from the carpet, a colorless or colored oil stain will remain on the coating, which cannot be easily removed. Therefore, additionally use various chemical cleaning products that can deal with this type of stain. Suitable and ordinary washing powder and special carpet cleaners. If the carpet is very expensive, do not experiment with removing stains, but contact a company that offers high-quality coatings for dry cleaning at home.

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