Persian rugs are pieces of art that add a wealth of intricate colours and patterns to the spaces they occupy. Although many Persian rugs today are machine-made, those which are hand made are often long term investments that are passed down from generation to generation. Like other rugs, however, they can be damaged over time. While large tears require professional help, small holes or frays are easy to fix around the house. Things You Will Need Duct

  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Spatula
  • Upholstery Needle
  • Heavy Wool or Cotton Thread
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  • Repair Tears
  1. Turn the carpet on which it rests face down on a clean table or floor. Examine the carpet for torn spots or stains. Mark torn spots with small pieces of masking tape so they don’t lose their exact locations.
  2. Push loose fibres through the tear with a putty knife. Avoid cutting the fibres with scissors, as you will make a hole in the carpet. Don’t use your fingers, either, because this can increase the size of the tear.
  3. Pull the edges of the tear together so that it is no longer visible. Cut a piece of tape 2-3 cm more than the tear.
how to repair a persian carpet

4. Press the tape over the tear with one hand while holding the edges of the tear together with the other hand. Flip the carpet over onto its back and inspect the repair. The tape should not be visible from this side because it forced the edges of the tear together before taping. Turn the carpet over and repeat the process to repair any other tears as needed.
Repair Frays

5. Thread an upholstery needle with cotton, wool, or other heavy-duty thread in a colour that matches the Persian carpet background. Knot the yarn at the end

6. Snip loose carpet fibres with sharp scissors to the height of the rest of the carpet. Insert the needle through the back of the mat at the front, 1/4-inch from the edge of the fray. Extend the yarn over the frayed part and feed it back through the carpet. Continue wrapping the yarn over the frayed part this way until the entire frayed area is covered.

7. Vacuum the repaired section of the carpet to pull up the fibres that have been matted.