The disinfestation of spiders is the best solution to free your home from eight-legged guests: here are the golden rules to do it in the best possible way

The disinfestation of spiders appears to be a viable alternative to eliminate the presence of arachnids at home. However, many people are unaware that these eight-legged pets can bring benefits.

First of all, they feed on small and annoying insects, such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, midges, etc. Furthermore, they feed on parasites, which are the main cause of the spread of diseases: having a spider in the house will significantly reduce the presence of fleas, flies and cockroaches.

Among the advantages there is also the fact that, when two or more species of spiders live together in the same environment, they will enter into conflict with each other, trying to kill each other. It will therefore be the largest species to be the winner, extinguishing the presence of the weaker ones. This last characteristic, however, can become problematic if, in homes or cellars, a population composed only of medium-large arachnids is noted. TO

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at this point, the situation will no longer be manageable in a natural way and it will become necessary to proceed with a disinfestation to eliminate the arachnids.

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How to prevent the presence of spiders in the house

Before proceeding, however, it is advisable to identify the causes of the presence of spiders in the house or at least try to reduce any entry methods. First of all, it is advisable to close all the small holes that connect the environment with the outside: spiders are very skilled in infiltrating using small cracks. Therefore, put some putty on every type of crack and, as far as fans and chimneys are concerned, install good, very dense mosquito nets.

After that, remove any cardboard boxes containing clothes and objects that are no longer used from the domestic space; it will be very important because boxes are the favourite place for insects, which will inevitably attract spiders. Another tip is to keep the lighting of patios and gardens on only if necessary: ​​although spiders are not attracted to light, they can instead be tempted to approach due to the presence of insects. Following these small tricks, you can therefore take care of the disinfestation of spiders already present in the house.

One of the most used methods is that of the vacuum cleaner, especially useful for ensuring that eight-legged guests are transported outside the house very easily. It is particularly suitable for eliminating cobwebs and any eggs, but it begins to become uncomfortable when these are present in the corners of the ceiling or, worse if the population is quite large.

For greater safety, you can use an insecticide, to be sprayed in the less accessible corners of the room, or some natural remedies to eliminate all parasites. When choosing the product, prefer those containing pyrethroids, such as bifenthrin and tetramethrin which act arachnids. But beware of the risk of poisoning: these contain chemicals which, if released in excess into the air, can have side effects on human health. Therefore, it is always advisable to carefully read the methods of use and the doses to be used during treatment. Furthermore, it should be emphasized that insecticides are effective only when the spiders come into contact with the chemical and, precisely for this reason, they must be used in combination with other methods.

Natural remedies for spiders

Before contacting a pest control professional, you can try to eliminate spiders with some natural remedies.

natural remedies for spiders

According to a very widespread popular belief, it would seem that the horse chestnut, as well as the nuts and the fruit of the Osage tree, release odours capable of keeping arachnids away. In reality, it has not yet been clarified why nuts can have such an effect, however, placing them in the corners of the house has always worked very well. Another natural remedy is peppermint: just fill a spray bottle with a solution of water and 15-20 drops of peppermint essential oil, vaporizing it in the points where it could nest. For greater effectiveness, it is possible to moisten a cotton swab with the undiluted product, placing it near the cracks and corners of the house. Similar effects can also be achieved with eucalyptus essential oil.

Alternatively, it is possible to prepare a solution of water and wine vinegar, to be sprayed on the nests or directly on the spider, since the acetic acid contained in it will kill them on contact. A final and effective method for eliminating spiders in the house is with diatomaceous earth. It is a powder obtained from the processing of sedimentary rock, widely used in the field of agriculture as an anti-transpirant. This dust can be scattered near the openings, or along the entire perimeter of the house, ensuring complete disinfestation and not at all dangerous for humans.